The brand

At Pretty Inside

Our promise is to offer you exceptional clothing, combining comfort, elegance and an undeniable ethical commitment. We make it a point of honor to carefully select each element that makes up our creations: noble materials, delicate shades and refined accessories, all chosen to
optimize the quality and harmony of our pajamas.

The essence of our creations is born in the heart of our design studios based in Brussels.
Here, we imagine, design and perfect harmonious ensembles that magnify the femininity of each woman. We take a meticulous look at every detail, to guarantee you an impeccable level of finish.

Our production process takes place in close cooperation with partners who share our dedication to excellence.
We align ourselves with those who adhere to our ethical values, committing to producing high-quality items while respecting international human rights and labor standards. We are proud to promote ethical and responsible production, demonstrating our deep commitment to our customers. Pretty Inside is more than a pajamas brand. It is a promise of quality, elegance and ethics. It's the assurance of feeling good, from the inside to the outside.

Our values

We believe that fashion and style can have a positive impact on people.
This is why we have established fundamental values ​​that guide all of our decisions and actions.

First, we advocate transparency. Using premium materials, we create durable and comfortable products.
We want our customers to be fully informed about what they are buying and how it was designed.
Second, ethics is at the heart of our concerns. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint and collaborate with partners who share our ethical values.

Finally, inclusion is a priority for us.
We believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their size, shape or identity.
We want our products to reflect the diversity of our world and for everyone to feel represented by our brand.

By respecting these values, we aspire to inspire individuals to feel good about themselves and express their personality through their style.

Our mission

Pretty Inside's mission is to encourage women to fully embrace their femininity.
We believe that every woman is unique and deserves to feel confident and proud of her body.

Our commitment is to design products that enhance femininity, using quality materials and flattering cuts to create comfortable, sensual and elegant pieces.

Fashion is for us a means of expression and self-affirmation. We want to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies and express their personal style.

Join us in our mission to restore women's confidence by fully celebrating their femininity!