Our history

Welcome to Pretty Inside, where femininity rhymes with comfort and elegance.

Unlikely duo, we are two sisters-in-law, one, introverted,
the other, extroverted but both passionate, perfectionists, and
real jack of all trades.

Accomplices in life as in entrepreneurship, we
had a devouring desire to create, to undertake, and to dedicate ourselves to a
project that was really close to our hearts.

Although both established in our careers
professionals, a feeling of dissatisfaction brought us together. And if we
change course to follow our passion? The idea germinated, matured, and then
many hours spent scribbling sketches, we decided to
take the plunge. We were going to create a loungewear line,
inspired by vintage style, which would make every woman feel so elegant at
her only when she goes out in town.

The spark that ignited this project?

The days went by, filled with endless zooms, cleaning and
kitchen, dressed in pajamas which, let's be honest, were not fashionable
height of our stylistic ambition. We found ourselves debating
of this feeling of letting go, of this frustrating feeling of neglecting
our appearance. What if we made our homes a real podium where
every woman can feel put together, elegant, simply beautiful?

After numerous discussions with our loved ones and on
social networks, we realized that we were not alone in
feel this need. This is how Pretty Inside was born, from our desire to
make every woman proud and confident, even in pajamas.

So welcome to Pretty Inside, where comfort
meets elegance, and where every woman can feel beautiful... even when
remaining inside.